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Why Choose Us

Why Consider

Diversity North Group as 
Your Consulting Partner


We want your organization to succeed as dual purpose: strong financial performance and as a great company where people want to come to work. This requires creativity and deep organizational behavior understanding. We will partner with you to achieve your Diversity & Inclusion goals. 


We bring outstanding research, strategy, and analytical skills to the table. We have the experience to conduct social science-level research including surveys, interviews, and archival analysis for a full view of your company now. We have years of experience developing assessments, plans, and implementation agendas.


We want the world to be better and we practice what we preach. We are women-owned, Afro-Latino-owned, Queer-owned—and our team is widely diverse across multiple dimensions. We bring our diversity to bear in our work and recommendations. 


We do it all—consulting across the company and board, insight generation, learning and training sessions, data collection and analysis, project management, and implementation leadership. 


No cookie cutters. We build insight and programming specifically to match your organization, its context, and its goals. 

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