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The Roots of Diversity North Group

Teresa Nelson, PhD launched the work of Diversity North Group nine years ago to bring her expertise on the nexus of organizational change and DEI to life within companies, government, and nonprofits. As a social scientist and business academic, she'd been part of building the intellectual grounding on how and why DEI benefits organizations in practice. In early 2023, after working with the company as a Senior Consultant for 3 years, Jasmine Montanez, MBA, SHRM-CP, became an owner as well. 

Together, we share a passion for making the world more just and work more humane, leading us to provide custom support to organizations on the ideas and practicalities of implementing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility based on knowledge that is second to none in our sector. We invest in good science, good work, strong client relationships, and our committed team. 

We keep our content fresh and embrace a “no cookie cutter” approach because everyone is on a DEI journey: and context and history matter. Consider: two of our most requested services, employee learning/training sessions and custom organizational DEI lexicons, change continually as society dialogues, as crises occur, and as progress is made (and lost). The goal is to maintain an organization of good reputation and standing with engaged and appreciative employees as a result of DEI commitments becoming real values, attitudes, and practices embedded “in the rhythm of the business”. That’s the purpose. 

With appreciation, 

Jasmine and Teresa 

Teresa Nelson, PhD

Founder and Managing Principal (she/they)

Jasmine Montañez, MBA, SHRM-CP

Principal and Senior Consultant (she/her)

Plant Biologist

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The Roots of DNG
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