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Where We Work

Our “no cookie cutter” approach at Diversity North Group starts with a commitment to integrating industry fundamentals into our work with you. Understanding the difference between employee bases and management demands in biotech, financial services, human services, and in the arts (for example) matters in designing strong DEI approaches for your group. 

We are consultants and support staff who have wide application and deep industry roots. Please review our team member bios for more information and do take a look at the range of client industries we’ve served. We work throughout the United States and internationally.

Biotech & STEM

Moving fast, talent is key, a scientist’s approach to work is distinct—these are key fundamentals we’ll be looking for.

Professional Services

Finance, accounting, law—these professional service firms often have complicated employee structures and reputational concerns that play into good DEI strategy. 


A commitment to equity in grantmaking puts the onus on funders to care about, and direct that projects they fund are structured to be fair and inclusive. For many foundations, corporates, and government arms, this is new ground. 


Government agencies need to be concerned not only with their own work, and with the specialized employee groups they lead (e.g., unions), but they also should model good practice throughout their sphere of influence. Making DEI a priority spreads knowledge and practices throughout wide systems so that change is tipped toward inclusion. 

Arts & Culture

Complex stakeholder relationships, the ongoing search for funding, the demand to respond to national demographic shifts in terms of audience—we see these basics in the arts and culture.

Human Services

Human service agencies attract people who want to be part of the solution—and usually also a substantial bureaucracy that is underresourced in terms of employee and manager supports. 


Diversity North Group has worked with many organizations over the years from large corporations to local arts groups, and state workforce agencies to financial services firms. There are fundamentals about management of organizations, teams, and individuals that persist across sectors. 

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