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Diversity is about variety within a group. It is situational and not fixed. Labeling a person or a group of people as "diverse" establishes that they are "other": it communicates bias. Within a group, diversity may be seen via demographics, experience, personality, interests... there are many dimensions. Organizations, through our Diversity Profile Activity, can determine what diversity dimensions are important for their company and build toward realizing diversity goals that are sustained through management practice. 

Inclusion is about how people feel about being part of a group—are they welcomed and do they feel engaged? Or are they excluded and therefore, diminished? Building inclusive organizations is a management imperative today—organizations and managers can learn the levers of inclusion and practice how to use them; employees can come to understand the role they play every day in creating an environment where others can thrive. 

Equity is about fairness. Management research has demonstrated conclusively that people can accept many levels of working conditions if they believe things are fair: that they have opportunities and are compensated and acknowledged alongside others. We work with companies on projects like equity pay and promotion projects to determine the data and to provide the necessary transparency so that management and employees can be on the same page about what is fair, and how fairness will be achieved. 

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